Vitacress launches Samphire packaging produced by Riafresh

Vitacress has launched samphire in individual packages, integrated in the Natura Range, produced by Riafresh. After the success of Salada Formosa in the market - the first product of the brand to contain samphire (also produced by Riafresh) -, the company thought that it was the ideal moment to launch this vegetable in individual doses.

The product is for sale on commercial surfaces where Vitacress products are already common in 40 gram packages.

e-Book "Aromatizar Saberes: Ervas Aromáticas e Salicórnia"

The Portuguese Association of Nutrition (APN) has launched the e-Book "Aromatizar Saberes: Aromatic Herbs and Samphire".  Miguel Salazar from Riafresh was pleased to participate in the review. The e-Book has recommendations on how you can benefit from the consumption of these plants, maintaining a healthy diet without abdicating the flavor. The aromatic herbs and samphire are familiar and known since ancient times and have both medicinal and aromatic characteristics, due to their properties.

Helena Real, general secretary of the APN, stresses that, "having healthy food today does not mean eating food with no taste". "Aromatic herbs and salicornia have an important role in this part. Small steps during the making of our dishes can make the difference and turn a meal into a true experience of flavors. Putting some oregano in the fresh cheese, a little coriander in a fish dish, chives in a soup or join samphire in a salad are some examples of how easy it is to insert herbs in the food. Since the Portuguese consume more salt than they should, the herbs and salicornia are beneficial for salt reduction. "

e-Book "Aromatizar Saberes: Aromatic Herbs and Samphire"

Problema do Sal na alimentação. Programa Sociedade Civil RTP2

Programa Sociedade Civil onde se aborda a problemática do sal na nossa alimentação, e como as plantas Halófitas podem ser uma alternativa saudável.

Participação do CEO da RiaFresh no programa

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Tasting survey of Salicornia (Samphire) Riafresh

The taste tests of Salicornia (Samphire) from Riafresh carried out within the framework of the Integrated Masters in Medicine of the University of Algarve, by Manuela Castro, whose results were presented at the 2017 Master's Congress.

Taste tests and the survey indicate a high intention among tasters to use Riafresh Salicornia as an alternative to salt and as part of a balanced diet.

From the post-tasting survey of Salicórnia Riafresh the following results are highlighted:

- 98% of respondents would use Riafresh vegetables as part of a balanced diet;
- 82% of respondents would often use or always use Riafresh vegetables as a condiment as an alternative to sea salt;
- 93% of the respondents were quite or very satisfied with the salty taste that they felt with the Riafresh vegetables.

Study Presentation

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