Salicórnia of Riafresh in FITUR

Tertúlia Algarvia was invited by the Tourism Region of the Algarve (RTA) to be in the 37th edition of FITUR - International Tourism Fair in Madrid, to present several recipes characteristic of the Mediterranean Diet. Among them "Cataplana of Octopus with Sweet Potato and Salicornia Natural da Ria Formosa", of Riafresh.


Riafresh joins the culinary event of the year at the Conrad Algarve

Conrad Algarve will present, from 29th to 31st October, the elite of worldwide Michelin-Star Chefs hosted by Heinz Beck will glow in the Gourmet Extravaganza. Riafresh offers these Chefs its unique products” Natural da Ria Formosa”.

An unique moment for memorable gourmet experiences.


Riafresh vegetables presents at Route of the Stars 2016

Stars Route 2016 the international food festival will be on Bom Bom on October 16th and 17 th. The host Chef Rui Silvestre together with 2 more Michelin stars prepares a tasting menu with some of the dishes distinguished in the famous guide. Riafresh pays its contribution with Salicornia, Sarcocornia, Valverde, Sea Fingers e Vegetable Salt and Natural Vegetable Ria Formosa.


The Ria Formosa Natural Vegetables at Mar Adentro Festival 14-15 October

Products of Riafresh at the disposible to the eight Chefs in Mar Adentro Festival, at the Vista Restaurant, the Bela Vista Hotel & Spa in Praia da Rocha.

The idea is simple and innovative: the chefs will cook only what the sea gives them. Striving for sustainability, set up a "black list" of species may not appear on the menu because they are overexploited because they are out of season or are species of greatest sensitivity.


Riafresh joins the Algarve Cuisine Academy

The Algarve Cuisine Academy arises from the need to offer a plus in the market of culinary options in the Algarve.

With an excellent training proposal to address the issues of all of us in our day to day, and also to satisfy the curiosity of more restless people in the world of cuisine.

An excellent way to showcase the culinary possibilities of vegetables Ria Formosa.

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