Book "Gastronomic Use of Halophytes Plants"

The book Gastronomic Use of Halophytes Plants is the result of the XtremeGourmet research project, and its purpose is to contribute to the careful expansion of the culinary use of halophyte plants.

The panel of collaborators to investigate the gastronomic use of these marine vegetables included the most prestigious Portugal Chef´s, with a common denominator: the passion for cooking, and in particular, the use of products linked to the sea.





Do your part: consume local, consume national

More than 30 companies and organizations in the agrifood sector, including RiaFresh, joined the Evaristo agency's initiative to appeal to the consumption of national products and join a video to be disseminated on social networks.

In these unprecedented and difficult times, agriculture and the food industry have not stopped. The field continued to provide us with food, the factories continued to operate. Local consumption, national consumption is a way to help the economy and to maintain and generate jobs.


GLOBALG.A.P. and GRASP certification

RiaFresh® obtains GLOBALG.A.P. certification with the GRASP module. It is the most credible voluntary standard for agricultural product certification in the world, used by over 200,000 producers in over 120 countries.

These programs reflect consumer requirements through Best Practices applied on farms. At Riafresh® we guarantee not only the quality of our products, but also food safety, environmental sustainability, worker safety and good social practices.

The number GlobalG.A.P. RiaFresh (Agro-On) is 4059883994049. With this GGN you can access the GlobalGAP database here and see the status of the certificate.

HORECAVA Amsterdam

Riafresh products were successful at the Horecava Fair, held in Amsterdam on 7-10 January.

THorecava Amsterdam is an International Hotel Industry Fair, this year with the theme "Prove the future". Each year, for four consecutive days, it brings together more than 65,000 food and hotel service professionals, making it the largest and most important trade fair in the industry in the last 62 years in the Netherlands.

Seminário "As Ervas Aromáticas: nutrição, funcionalidades e inovação"

Miguel Salazar CEO da Riafresh, explica os benefícios da Salicórnia, no seminário, apoiado pela Associação Portuguesa de Nutrição e pela Vitacress, dia 6 de Dezembro no Museu do Oriente.

Receitas revertem a favor do IPO.

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