Salmon Burger with Samphire (Salicornia)

250g of salmon loin
purple onion1 small
red pepper
samphire (salicornia) Riafresh

For the caramelized onion sauce:
1/2 onion purple
1 tablespoon honey

To ride:
lettuce leaves
samphire (salicornia) Riafresh

Add all the ingredients cut to pieces and chop until all is well crushed.
Shape 4 hamburgers and put on vegetable paper. Take to refrigerator for at least 30 minutes.
To prepare put a wire of olive oil in the frying pan and put, leaving about 2 min on each side.
For caramelized onion sauce, place the chopped onion with honey and salt in a pan and bring to the heat until it begins to caramelize.
To put together place a leaf of lettuce, slices of tomato, the onion and the hamburger and on top some sprigs of salicornia.

Recipe and photo by Blog Prazer a Cozinha