Homemade butter from samphire (salicornia)

400 ml of cream (very fresh)
35 g of salicornia Riafresh
cold water q.s.

In a mixer with the wire rod, place the cream and let it beat at medium speed until it passes from the point “in the castle”. Continue to beat until a thick texture is separated from a liquid (serum).

Remove the butter and put it in a fine colander or a sack of tissue to strain as the image, extract the whey and put the butter back into the mixer. With your hands wrap the salicornia broken into very small pieces and this time with with the stick of cakes still at medium speed add cold water to the wire, enough to “wash” the butter and do the same process – remove from the mixer, Pass through the bag, remove the serum, place in the mixer and add the cold water well in the wire, until the serum comes out clean “dirty”. Do this process as often as needed because it is very important and is what makes the butter last longer.

Wrap the butter on parchment paper or place in a glass-based tupperware in the refrigerator.

Recipe and photo by Blog A minha marmita