Is Samphire an algae?

Samphire is a plant, not an algae. It has roots, stems, leaves, flowers, and fruits, which algae do not have. However, it grows near the sea and can be submerged. It falls under the category of marine vegetables.

What is the origin of RiaFresh® Samphire?

RiaFresh® Samphire originates from the finest samphire plants carefully selected in the Ria Formosa Natural Park.

Is it difficult to cultivate samphire?

Most plants do not tolerate salt or excessive water, unlike samphire, so the cultivation methods are different. Our production is done using a flooding system that simulates tides. The water has the right amount of salt to obtain an optimal product.

Is water contaminated or wasted during production?

The water is completely recycled, and the water usage efficiency is 100%.

Is it true that RiaFresh® Samphire has a different taste?

Does samphire contain salt?

The sensory characteristics of samphire, as well as other RiaFresh® products, have been perfected during four years of research with the collaboration of some of Portugal’s most prestigious chefs. This was part of the XtremeGourmet project .

Yes, but less than it may seem. In 100 g of RiaFresh® Samphire, there are 2 g of salt and 0.75 g of sodium. In 100 g of common salt, there is more than 99% salt and 40% sodium. Compared to common salt, samphire has other interesting nutrients in its composition.

Is samphire a superfood?

RiaFresh® Samphire has excellent nutritional properties. Through our product analysis, we can state that RiaFresh® Samphire is rich in protein, fiber, vitamin B6, vitamin E, manganese, and chromium. It is a source of zinc and contains β-carotene, lutein, phenols, flavonoids, and tannins.

You can find the nutritional properties of other RiaFresh® products in our Guide to the Use of Halophyte Plants.

Is your vegetable salt made from samphire?

RiaFresh® vegetable salt is 100% dehydrated samphire through natural means. It is used as a seasoning and contains less than half the sodium of common salt.

Do the ice plants need to be frozen to be preserved?

Ice plants (Ice plant, glacial lettuce, and slenderleaf) may look like they have ice crystals, but they are external vacuoles filled with salty water. They have a great taste, very marine-like, and they do not “defrost.”