Samphire, Glasswort

Salicornia ramosissima

Samphire is a marine vegetable, slightly salty crunchy, succulent and tasty. It can be eaten raw or cooked in several ways, as in salads, with fish, shellfish, meat or pastas, as seasoning and even in drinks. It is also be used as a garnish in numerous dishes. Samphire is a very elegant vegetable.

Samphire RiaFresh® is crunchy, tasty, not fibrous or bitter, when used brings that special and unique touch wherever it is used.


Samphire RiaFresh® is rich in rich in protein, fiber, vitamin B6 and vitamin E, manganese and chromium, it is a source of zinc and contains β-carotene, lutein, phenols, flavonoids and tannins.

In 100 g of Samphire Riafresh® there is naturally 2 g of common salt and 0.75 g of sodium.


Available in the following sales units: 40 g – 100 g – 250 g – 500 g (for other units please consult us).

Availability and conservation

Samphire Riafresh® is available all year round, sliced and fresh. It can be stored at 3 to 7 °C for up to 15 days.


Samphire RiaFresh® is GLOBALG.A.P. and GRASP certified.


Data sheet

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