Salicornia (Samphire): A culinary delicacy from Ria Formosa

The first samples of salicornia harvested in Ria Formosa are already surprising Algarve’s chefs, Resident magazine states, describing the plant as «light, fresh, crunchy, succulent, naturally salty and very easy to fall in love with». Miguel Salazar, RiaFresh’s CEO, told the Resident that there are many salicornia varieties, which vary according to the production area, and that salicornia from RiaFormosa is a distinctive variety.

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Gin with salicornia at the Oceans Meeting 2016

RiaFresh was present at the Oceans Meeting 2016, offering the participants not only the possibility to taste entrées with salicornia as one of the ingredients, but also to taste gin with salicornia, as the result of a partnership with Tangerine Gin.

The event, organized by the Centre for Marine Sciences (CCMAR), was focused on three strategic areas concerning the oceans: economy, culture, science and innovation. The subjects covered included the potential of halophyte plants from Algarve, from cosmetics to human consumption, a theme related to RiaFresh’s salicornia production.

Salicornia (samphire) recipes enhanced by Bimby

It has been considered a plague, but nowadays salicornia is seen as a gourmet product, an ingredient with curious uses, as Bimby magazine refers. Salicornia can be eaten raw or cooked in several ways, as in salads, pastas, fish, meat, seasonings and beverages. Ricardo Araújo, RiaFresh’s head of marketing, suggests salicornia butter, «which can be used in toasts or as seasoning».

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