Fantastic Chef Angél León (Aponiente, Cádiz), doubly starred in the project XtremeGourmet

Angél León (Aponiente, Cádiz, Spain)

Angél León is a vocational sailor, his passion for the sea and fishing, for the knowledge of the nature that is closest to him, the algae, the salts and the fish, make him project this intimate horizon in his kitchen.

Angél is a  mediterranean animal that can be defined as the discoverer of the simple; of well-defined flavors; of textures or densities that interweave with smoked old wood reclaimed at sea; of algae and fish combed by oil that harmonize previously with essences of salt water. Angél prepares his culinary creations as the old alchemists must do, bubble the pots in the kitchen, white and dazzling, while the dishes are outlined with a stiletto of pure palate, with a Mediterranean aesthetic raised between the stones.

His passion as creator and his youth are evident in all the presentations of his dishes, try to apply in the kitchen all the natural resources offered by the sea. The mastery of culinary technique and his ability to question everything that makes him a young rebel tremendously talented for research, constantly visits university laboratories where he experiences and learns behaviors and reactions of raw materials to which he tries to withdraw uses or angles not yet studied.

Ángel León is undoubtedly one of the Spanish chefs who investigated the most in the field of seafood and the application of new gastronomic techniques among which stand out: "Application to the Gastronomy of the Generous Wine Wine Flower", where he studied p. fish scales as natural thickener; He discovered the use of diatom algae to clarify broths and extract 95% of their fats; Developed the machine "CLARIMAX"; He developed "PLACTON MARINO" ("The origin of life") as a new ingredient for the human being; Developed "100% IBERIAN MARINE EMBUITS", Iberian products all made of fish .; He discovered the "MARCOS SUGARS" through algae containing polysaccharides among others.

Angél Leon has had a spectacular career path and professional recognition. In 2008 he received the "Technological Innovation" Prize in Madrid Fusión, in 2010 the "Cándido Mesonero Mayor de Castilla Award for Gastronomic and Tourist Innovation", followed in 2011 by the "AL-ANDALUS" Gastronomy Award (FECOAN), Best Chef de Kitchen and Prize of the International Academy of Gastronomy, category "Chef L'Avenir". In 2013 the Millesime Chef Award, the 2012 Best Chef Award, the Royal Spanish Academy of Gastronomy, and the 2013 Tourism Prize of the Provincial Tourist Board of the Diputación de Cádiz. In 2014 he is named one of the 5 Favorite Chefs in the world by International Food & Wine Magazine.

All these achievements are recognized in 2010 for the attribution of Michelin Star and in 2014, in its Restaurant Aponiente receives the Second Michelin Star.

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