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The amazing Chefs of the Algarve are part of the XtremeGourmet project in the team that performs quality tests with RiaFresh products.

 João Oliveira (Vista Restaurante, Portimão)


João Oliveira, 30, graduated from Escola Profissional Infante D. Henrique, in Porto, as a Kitchen Technician, in 2006 and since then has passed through the most important gastronomic references of Portugal, namely in the restaurant Largo do Paço in Amarante and With a Michelin star at The Yeatman Hotel, where he was Subchefe for four years also with a Michelin star, as well as at the Michelin-starred Hotel Vila Joya's restaurant. In 2015, João Oliveira heads to VISTA Restaurant as Chef of one of the best restaurants in the southern region, not only for the gastronomic reference he has secured, but also for the privileged view of the sea of Praia da Rocha, an exclusive environment worthy of a small palace from the beginning of the century XX and top service, an experience that surprises the 5 senses.




Rui Silvestre (Bon Bon, Carvoeiro)

Rui Silvestre was the youngest Portuguese Chef to be distinguished with a Michelin star (he was 29 years old).
He was born in Valongo, but since the age of 10 he lives in the Algarve. Graduated from the Algarve Hospitality School,
Worked for 7 years in French, Swiss and Hungarian restaurants. And it was in Budapest that while Sous-Chef of Costes Restaurant won its first star. About 2 years ago (2014) decided to return to Portugal by going to Bon Bon, a small restaurant in Carvoeiro, Algarve.
In its dishes gives preference to the articles of the Algarve region with a lot of fish, seafood and herbs.

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